Galaxy Plus is the centralized framework for your investment needs. Galaxy Plus advances the MAP by providing operational services for managers & investors.

  • Create your own solution

  • Choose your service providers

  • Diversify your counter-party exposure

  • Eliminate the conflict of interest of “one-stop-shop” platforms

  • Straight-forward pricing terms

  • Asset based fee that includes all operational services


  • We believe that the best technology solutions are ones that provide the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry while maintaining the discipline and controls our clients have come to expect.


  • Powered by SunGard®’s Front Arena Middle Office Solution:

    • Enterprise wide platform for portfolio and risk management

    • Ability to view portfolios from the highest level, customizable and with drill down capabilities to the lowest levels

    • Documented workflow and audit trail controls

    • Ability to view portfolios in near-real time to help maximize profits through proactive risk management 

structuring arrangements

  • Results in favorable fee arrangements for our clients

  • Streamlined implementation / onboarding process

  • Cost-effective solution to an investor’s need for a structured product


  • Straight-forward pricing terms

  • Asset based fee that includes all operational services

due diligence

  • We conduct independent due diligence on all managers on our Platform.


  • Flexible liquidity terms – no lock up periods or redemption fees.


  • Cash and securities are held by the trading entity

  • Asset transfers via stringent tri-lateral approval process with independent party verification


  • Galaxy Plus receives intra-day position level transparency into each fund on our Platform. By overlaying SunGard®’s Hedge360 software, Galaxy Plus is able to conduct enhanced risk-monitoring and present data and analytics to clients that match their investing levels and reporting needs.

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This website contains information about managed futures and has been prepared to provide an overview of the various trading strategies available on the Galaxy Plus Fund Managed Account Platform. Users who access information on this site agree that they have experience with futures markets and are knowledgeable about the risks associated with managed futures.


New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC, the sponsor of the Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform provides access to investors who meet the suitability requirements.  An investment in any fund is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. The past performance results of any fund or it’s trading advisor are not indicative of how such a fund will perform in future.